Rachel Kurtz on Love, Lioness, business and churches

Rachel Kurtz has a powerful voice whether she’s singing for the Lutherans, singing for Love or singing for us. And she has a philosophy of living “such a good life” that is inspiring.

Rachel is a force for good in every endeavor. She has lived a life that has brought her three lovely children, a successful livelihood as a musician, a entrepreneurial spirit that has given birth to at least three business and found love after coming later in life to understanding that she is queer.

Our conversation was rich and nonlinear so I just want to share a few highlights. Rachel has learned to be the driver of her own life. After playing many roles for many years, and waiting for guidance or permission from God or a man, she recognized that she needed to be in the driver seat. She follows her heart and that has led to being in the right place in the right time. For example she once received an unexpected $2,000 tip jar addition on the road from a woman whose dying loved one had been soothed by her music. Rachel has a business (After the Bump) that helps new families with things that new parents need but don’t know they need – like a home cooked meal, regular pictures of the newborn, a clean house and most importantly honest advice.

Most importantly to us, we learned that Rachel needs to (and might!)  re-release her 2018 album Love, Rachel Kurtz. Rachel spent years singing and engaging with Lutheran churches and congregations across the US and beyond. She has played huge arenas and met amazing people through her relationship with the church. But the 2018 album was a diversion that needs to be heard by more people – it’s folk, it’s R&B, it’s dance, it’s anthem but it tells the story of how love can make us powerful. It’s Rachel!

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