Dylan Hicks on releasing Accidental Birds June 4

Dylan Hicks is releasing a new album, Accidental Birds on June 4. But rumor has it you can preview it on his site now and if you order it today, he might pop it in the mail before the big day. You could be the first on your block to get it!

Accidental birds are the birds who find themselves off track and away from their flock. The owl baby on the wrong side of the woods. The bird blown off course by a strong wind. They become suddenly unique and vulnerable. Vulnerable both by being alone but by being in a different setting. The songs in Dylan’s latest album are those accidental birds. Some charters or stories shimmer in the new surrounding (Twyla Tharp) and some struggle (2059). This isn’t a pandemic album, but it is because the pandemic made us feel like accidental birds. Some of us shimmered, some struggled and for many of us, we did both – sometimes in the same day.

The album is pop with touches of jazz, disco, electronica. Dylan knows music and is not shy about sharing his influences, especially black American artists, and a goal is to let influences shine through with his own lens. He had an army of talented musicians behind him on the album. It is a delight to listen to it. The layers of rich sound, the stories and Dylan’s clever lyrics. I enjoy the music even more after hearing about the backstories that led to the songs and the album.

Being honest, I could listen to Dylan tell stories for hours. We talked about the supply and demand for music for all ages and the nuances of enjoying music through all ages. We talked about mental health, which is an increasingly important issue as we all field the collective trauma of the last year. And I won’t say much more but we also got to hear about Johnny Mathis in his underwear.

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