Meghan Kreidler on Kiss the Tiger’s new release Vicious Kid on June 3

Kiss the Tiger is releasing their newest album, Vicious Kid, on June 3 at the Icehouse. You’ll hear the super danceable, kick ass songs you’ve heard at live shows as well as some tempo changes like I Miss You (a video we featured earlier).

It was great to talk to Meghan Kreidler about the upcoming album and summer schedule for Kiss the Tiger. The album was just about ready in 2020 when the pandemic hit. So they waited, went into the studio to touch up a few things maybe add something but the waiting is nearly over. You can get it next Thursday.

Meghan points out that each song has it’s own mood. Motel Room is the rocking punk, I Miss You is nearly a ballad but I might say sweet alternative, Out of My Mind has some 1960s psychedelia going on while Grown Ass Woman has country anthem vibe. It is a playlist you might make featuring just one artist that could be soundtrack for a day. It’s that varied. It will be fun to see how that plays out on the stage. Will they create a set list to lead us on a calculated journey for the night? Or might the reaction of the audience help create the list?

Heather and I each had out favorites and you will too. You can see the full band playing any Thursday in June during the residency at The Icehouse.

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