Colin Bracewell new album and live release party coming up July 29!

Colin Bracewell is releasing a new EP on July 29 and celebrating with a release show headlining the Seventh Street Entry. Between now and then he is releasing a video for his latest single, Why and is playing a number of shows around town and the state.

Colin is 20 yeas old. He has been playing music since he was a kid, starting with violin at 4 years, moving to saxophone and the jazz scene in school, apparently did a stint with bluegrass, played in a classic rock band, moved to covers and eventually landed closer to where he is now playing his own music.

Just before the pandemic started, Colin opened a show at Seventh Street and was playing two gigs a week. Things were going but they were busy. The hiatus of the pandemic gave him room to start writing again and to think about how he wanted to move forward. He started working with Thomas Abban, another talented Minnesota musician. They have been collaborating to create Colin’s upcoming album.

It was a joy to talk with Colin. His voice is so strong and authentic. He is young but he has been putting in his time with all aspect of being a musician, from playing instruments to getting involved with industry people. It seems like things are working out. His advice to others wanting to play music – just do it, do all aspects of it and don’t give up!

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