Starting the Summer Right with Kiss the Tiger and Mayda at the Icehouse

We started the summer off with a nod to strong women, strong women of Korean decent at that. Kiss the Tiger, led by singer Meghan Kreidler, started off a monthlong residency and release of Kiss the Tiger’s newest album Vicious Kid at the Icehouse with special guest Mayda.

We had the opportunity to talk to Meghan before the show. They have been sitting on this album for a while and it is ready to go. The album goes from seriously rocking (which is what we’re used to enjoying from the band) to tear-jerkingly touching (with I Miss You). They brought all moods to the stage. It felt magical to hear them, to dance (even if only in my seat) and to sit outside enjoying music with friends again.

The night started out with Mayda playing with bassist Miho Takayama. They are the epitome of cool together. They played my favorite, Dragonfly off her 2018 album MRDR PXP.

The night ended with everyone on stage. The sound is great but the show is even better. Just to see how the performers, especially Meghan and Mayda interact is a real glimpse at the Minnesota music scene at its best – supportive and collaborative. (OK, I’m going to add in women-led!) You can get a taste of what I mean in the video from the show.

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