Phillip St John on Sun Indigo (EP) and Where We At Now (video) both out in June

Phillip St John will be releasing his third solo project as a hip hop artist, Sun Indigo, on June 25 and he is releasing a great new video (we get to premiere it!!) at noon on June 18! (So excited to share!)

Phillip’s work has the positivity of someone who has gone through a transformation. We learned that his transformation began with his birth and having a native father and a white mother and feeling like he might not fit into either camp. Add into that a music style that is diverse, although it leans to hip hop and neo soul, which is a pretty awesome combination and it feels like there was a need to find and define himself, which he does in this EP>

Heather especially found the music to be inspiring; I definitely agree. He embraces and owns who he is with a confidence that is enviable. In fact, his music  hands the listener the keys to build confidence too. It’s tough not to hear the message and feel like you too are just who you should be. So we were really talking about his new EP. Short take – we like it. Heather’s favorite song is Sun Indigo and mine is Where We At Now. (You can see that video next Friday!)

But we also spoke about a song (Infant) that Phillip did with Nick Baker and how much that music meant to him. It is a song about people who are important because they have left him. Such an interesting spin!

For musicians on the hunt, Phillip is looking to form a band. He’s pretty open if you’re looking too.

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