Annie Mack’s album Testify is an amazing anthem for women

Annie Mack’s most recent album (Testify) calls women to fill their space. It’s an anthem for all ages. Honestly, if you have a young woman in your life – you should listen to it with them. You’ll both stand a little taller.


I’ve been a fan of Annie’s strong confident voice for a few years and I think her new album is a leap into anthem territory. The sound is regal – in a unique blues-gospel-Americana-Mariachi-soul hybrid sound. There are songs that will take you on a march and songs that will make you sway.

Within the sound there are life lifting lessons to be learned. Shadows of a Kingdom was inspired by her daughter, explaining that as a woman you have to fill your own space and take sovereignty over yourself. The dance of God and the Devil in Testify arguing in both the real and spiritual world a reminder that our actions our motivations our hopes may be returned to us in ways that are unexpected. For Get on the Train Annie takes on the voice of an elder to help a younger person understand that you have to do it yourself but there’s a comfort in getting on the tracks.

Annie is elder and the learner. She is able to give voice and melody to the observation and teaching of life in such a way as to make them seem accessible and easy. I challenge you to listen to the album and not walk away with greater self-love.


Finally we spoke about Annie’s upcoming shows: July 9 in Lanesboro, July 22 in Mears Park, July 29 in Rochester and Aug 13 at the Fineline with Turn, Turn, Turn and Lady Lark.

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