Jaguar Jaguar and techno-pop-experimental music of Pink Lies

Pink Lies by Jaguar Jaguar is a fun techno-pop album with an experimental off-beat bend. We had fun tonight talking to members: Jonny Fuller, Jonny Hall and Daniel Karasev.

The members of the band are all producers. Sounds like they are pretty busy with lots of side projects, or maybe this is the side project, or maybe that was the plan but the side project is growing. They have a great Spotify following, which they credit to another band with a similar name but while the similarity may draw people to them, it doesn’t keep them around. They have a blend of techno-pop and experimental sound. The dial toward pop versus experimental is different for each song but there’s always an undercurrent of both.

They pair that sound with lyrics that are fifty foot version of pop music. They delve into universal topics – party awkwardness, love and loss and love again and having friends move away but they aren’t maudlin or overly sentimental. They are observational. It’s a refreshing take. On a Zen level, it feels like saying yup, love/loss, awkwardness, feelings – we see it, we feel it, we sing about it, we move on. The music is a perfect complement.

They are right now an online band. They haven’t performed and nothing is scheduled yet, although they are hoping to change that. BUT their sound, their process and their audience is online. I think they are poised to tap into that ethos of life online is a unique way.

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