Johnny Sincerely on upcoming release Yours Truly, Johnny Sincerely (Jul 30)

Listening to Johnny Sincerely’s upcoming album Yours Truly, Johnny Sincerely is like taking a romantic vacation. It comes out on July 30; he’s playing at the White Squirrel on July 23.

It was fun to hear about Johnny Sincerely – his background, his backstory and the role that music plays in his life. Long before the pandemic, he was a musician but immediately before the pandemic Johnny worked in burlesque. When thing shut down, his life changed dramatically. Sounds like it was a hard time in many ways, as it was for many of us but that music brought him back to a better place. While burlesque was on hold, Johnny reminded himself that he was a musician. He set out to create an album of 11 songs and he did everything but the female vocals. He wrote the songs, sang, played multiple instruments (in some cases, learning just enough to play on some songs) and engineered the album. Sounds like a grueling project and even Johnny allowed that it drove him crazy, yet kept him sane.

The music paints the picture of Johnny Sincerely’s public persona, the hopeless romantic and performer, the man who plans an outfit for a funeral that includes a tailored Italian suit, 10 rings, cufflinks and snakeskin boots. The music feels like New Orleans or vaudeville, with lyric twists of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Hearing the album I wanted to dance I wanted and to see Johnny perform – and I have the chance to do that on July 23 at the White Squirrel. He will be performing as Lounging with Johnny for a 3-hour performance, which will include audience participation and an opportunity to win Merch! Johnny is also getting a band together to perform a more full production show, which promises to include great music, unusual collaboration and I’m thinking some elements of burlesque. I think either promises to be a great escape!

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