New MN Music Video: Antidote by Maygen & The Birdwatcher

Please enjoy Antidote by Maygen & The Birdwatcher; this is the first of a series of singles that coming out in the next few months leading up to the release of her latest album Moonshine on October 8.

We got a change to meet Maygen Lacey nearly a year ago when we were talking with folks about the unique Minnesota Collaboration project, Quarantine Dream. Fun to get a chance to hear and see her new music in this beautiful video.

The video was shot in the long-awaited, freshly renovated, historical Granada Theater in Uptown and features the starry night sky the venue was known so well for back in the 1920’s. It is gorgeous and confusing because the stars look so real. There’s the elegance of Maygen and the band on the stage of a stately theater and that glimpse of the night sky. There’s a simplicity too that lends to the elegance. Maygen singing about the pull of the moon feels natural in the environment.

The sound of her voice and the strings is soothing and dizzying. There are so many pleasant divergent, yet cohesive sounds. It’s sounds like fireflies sound!

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