Thomas Abban on the making of The Spiritualizer

Thomas Abban released his second album, The Spiritualizer, on July 23, 2021.  Certain motifs weave through the songs – like angels, religion, mythology and love- yet each song has a unique sound and often that sound will take an interesting turn during the course of the song.

Thomas is an interesting artist. He reinvests himself but even in the reinvention he remains true to himself at the core. He is a writer that writes songs because he needs to – or rather because the album needs to be completed. There’s not real process or at least not ONE process but he gets it done. It seems to work well because he is a careful observer and seems to draw inspiration from the ordinary but has the ability to make it special through his unique take. There’s an interesting spin on an old Irish saying in 100 Balloons, “I hope to get to heave before you realize I’m gone.” But gone is drifting away like 100 balloons.

He comes to songwriting by considering what will eventually need to be said by him – like reverse engineering a song. So interesting and will amazing results.

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