Ditchbird’s Tony Petersen on upcoming release Some Dreams

You may recognize Tony Petersen from the Social Animals or one of his many other projects but tonight we focused on his newest musical endeavor Ditchbird and the second album (since April 2021) coming out on August 20 – Some Dreams.

Tony was on tour playing guitar with Social Animals in Europe when the world closed down for COVID. As soon as that door closed, Tony opened another, starting a new project that included a wider range of his talents and songs he had written in the past 10 years, which resulted in his earlier Ditchbird release, Real Enough for You. The release of the catalog, opened him up to entirely new material, which has become an EP (Some Dreams) that he is releasing later this month.

While the rest of us were waiting for the world to open up, Tony was working on his solo work in time to be ready for a return to Social Animals once the world opens up. First, the songs are rocking. Heads Up is a highlight for me. It’s an interesting song that starts off with a quiet piano and crescendos into a awesome 90s guitar rift. While the lyrics are born of an Instagram meme of that time you present something special to the world and they – ok. The message is a very Buddhist answer – do it for you and do it for now. These themes of instructive positivity carry throughout. It’s a 101 class in being positive told through honest, humanizing stories and a kick ass guitar!

Some Dreams is the antithesis of a COVID release; it is the antidote.

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