Alexander Craig on new inclusive music on 45, upcoming shows and video

Alexander Craig, formerly known as Crankshaft, talks to us about his new music, new outlook, new video and upcoming shows. Spoiler alert: the new Alex is as danceable as ever but has embraced a greater world view in his music.

Any time I’ve seen Alex play, his music has been like a magnet to dancers, including myself. His music has a timeless rock beat – sometimes learning harder rock, sometimes leaning country and (rumor confirmed) we’ll soon be hearing a Reggae lean. It has always been honest but it seems like his newest music is embracing a larger truth as he looks at the world through a larger lens.

He has released a 7-inch with two songs: Atmosphere We’re Under and All Together. They each present an interesting view of the world. Atmosphere We’re Under is an homage to the family, mentors and other people who have played a role in forming who Alex is today. It starts with a beautiful line, “What you gave me can’t be lost or broken, I’ll have it with me ’til the day I die.” It speaks to the intergenerational sharing of skills and knowledge. Before recording the song he called upon his mentors to see him through the process.

All Together is a call to live in the present. It was written one morning in Mexico, while the neighbors listened to Mexican dance music, and his host was out to brunch. Alex doesn’t speak Spanish but it seems possible that the environment might have seeped into the mantra-like tenor of the song imploring us to move together. The sense of community is not heavy handed; it’s as subtle as the dance beats are bold. It makes for authentically uplifting music.

Alex has a video coming out for Atmosphere We’re Under on September 1. (Follow him on Instagram for a sneak preview this week.) He also has new merchandise built around that song; three artists were given the lyrics of the song and asked to create a shirt, which produced some awesome results. Finally, Alex has a number of shows coming up in August and September – including The Dubliner on Aug 29 and 331 on September 15.)

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