Zack King on Butterfly Face and upcoming release Take It Away

Zack King was just finding his footing as a musician when the world shut down. He’s been working on his second release, a 5-song EP, and will be unveiling songs monthly (or so) until they are all out; the second song (Take It Away) is coming out Aug 27.

Zack released Butterfly Face, the first songs from the EP earlier this summer. It is a joyous, summer-sounding song with him and a ukulele. It’s very upbeat with a theme of “ I don’t know about you, I just now about it,” in a very positive take-care-of-yourself way. It is a departure from his earlier work, which has a darker edge with a 90s vibe. Zack tells us the rest of the EP will sound more familiar to fans; although they are loving the new take too.

Zack writes about the trials and tribulations of life. He opens the door to his fans to build a community where he communicates directly with folks. They build one-to-one relationships where he asks them to provide feedback on choices of album art and they confide in him about what they are going through related to his various songs, which are often about finding the real you or finding the person who helps you find the real you. Zack says The Man is a good introduction to his collection; it talks about finding the power within to be who you want to be. For example, be the musician, be the artist, be the person that feels like a dream – and make it happen.

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