The Cold Casuals – Nothing casual about their sound or the energy they bring to their performances

Review by Heather Baker

The Cold Casuals are one of my favorite finds of 2020. Yet their sold-out show at 7th street entry on July 27 was the first time I’ve seen them play live.

The first note played created an instant synergy that filled up the room, hitting me like a jolt. It automatically gave me a feeling of dopamine at full capacity, and this exchange was given back and forth through the night between the audience and the band.

They cranked out all of the songs off of their EP “In the Lobby” the perfect blend of raw, yet polished sound. Reaching in and grabbing the coolest part of you and bringing it to the dance floor!

One highlight of the night was the cover “Woman” by Wolfmother. The band seemed giddy, almost as if they had a secret or in this case a secret weapon. “Woman” felt like a proper introduction to their newest member Jane Halldorson (drummer). She commanded everyone’s attention, striking every beat with skill and tenacity while oozing an infectious free spirit vibe.

The band also played their new single “No Signs of You” it has an Alt-J/Cage the Elephant with a touch of Zeppelin. It gives us a more subtle vibe that allows the vocals and guitar to POP and dance around musically, while the bass and drums are holding it down. The band worked in perfect harmony, giving each other space to shine while coming together as a collective to captivate the audience.

*Rumor has it they will be releasing more music soon- go grab a listen, or go to a show to see what the fuss is all about.

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