Tori Evans album release for Sonder is woman-forward big success

Tori Evans unveiled her debut album, Sonder at the Seventh Street Entry last night (September 1, 2021). We spoke to Tori and her band (Jon Edington, Marty Scalici  and Kirian Kmiecik) about the album and the upcoming show last month. So, I know it was bittersweet event. Amazing to celebrate the product of their hard work but it also signaled a big change as two member of the band (Tori and Kirian) will now be heading off to college. They made the most of it.

Tori looked like a princess in a tiara and full skirt and sounded twice as nice. Tori has great range and many of the songs take full advantage of her high notes. She deftly shares the stage with her band who each get a chance to musically step forward with an amazing rift or by leading the song with a beat. Her voice fills the space; I can’t wait until she gets a chance at an even bigger space.

She started off on a personal note with a birthday songs for her grandma, which was touching. It added a fun dimension to the performer. Tori looks very sweet, she sounds sweet but her songs are fierce. She has an enviable eff-you spirit some of her “love” songs. They are anthems for a generation that’s not going to put up with crap. I loved it!

Another thing I loved was Tori’s bill. Two other acts joined her. I hadn’t seen The Hive perform collectively although I’m big fans of them individually. Their lineup changes by design, to lift up local performers, I believe. Last night the band included: Kashimana Bettina V, Jermaine Germain, Kelli Rae Tubbs and Cassandra Cole. It’s amazing to hear women (and non-binary folks) lifting up women.

The night opened with Katy Vernon, who is always fun to see. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her last night because I had an interview. Rumor has it, she started the night right by helping the people in the room enjoy the music in the room. Sometimes we all need a reminder!

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