Seth Duin on Stormtroopers, General B and the Whiz and creative opportunities

Seth Duin plays with many bands and wears many hats. We enjoyed hearing about how he makes opportunities happen in interesting ways.

While Seth plays with a host of spectacular bands, General B and the Whiz feels like the home band. The band has been together in one permutation or another for 10 years. That’s a big deal. The sound is rock and roll, sometimes with a jazzy sound, sometimes another twang but almost always super danceable. Like the rest of the world, they have had a little hiatus in the last year and a half but it sounds like there are some opportunities for shows this fall and (hope this isn’t a secret) like they have some music ready to record.

Seth also plays with the Little Too Short to Be Stormtroopers. This is a band that has hosted two Shania Twain and one Dolly Parton Tribute show. These have been great opportunities to lift women (and nonbinary) musicians, to introduce local musicians to each other (can be difficult when everyone has a different Friday night gig) and raise money for local women-forward nonprofits. (A big thanks for their donations to Women’s March MN.)

We also spoke about Seth’s interesting side gig doing pet songs during the pandemic, his video work and moved by music entry.

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