New MN Music Video: Jigsaw by Maygen & The Birdwatcher

We’re so excited to premiere the video for Jigsaw by Maygen & The Birdwatcher. It’s a sneak peek at their upcoming album, Moonshine, due later this fall.

The song and the video create a unique story about family and how each member is like a puzzle piece. Each piece is unique but they fit together to create a whole. The differences and the need to fit together was acerbated during the pandemic when many families found themselves under one roof all day, every day with no reprieve. We drove each other crazy; we kept each other sane.

The song is uplifting and catchy; the animated video is clever and cute. It’s a tender Americana-twanged look at what we’ve been through in the last couple of years.

As a bonus, Maygen & The Birdwatcher have a few shows on the calendar around Minnesota with a highlight being the Icehouse on October 10 with The Foxgloves.

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