Kai Brewster on making and producing music for a myriad of MN bands

Kai Brewster is a guitar player, music producer, videographer, guitar gear podcaster and community builder. It might be quicker to name the bands he isn’t in than the ones he is.

Kai plays with General B and the Wiz, The Plott Hounds, Silverback Colony, Little Too Short to be Stormtroopers and Jaedyn James’ new band to name a few. We talked about his upcoming shows with 4ontheFloor and Little too Short to be Stormtroopers on Oct 2 in Duluth, The Plott Hounds on Oct 8 and Jaedyn James on Oct 9.

Kai has an interesting background. He went to school to study opera, was a pastor, didn’t play a guitar until he went to college. It is a weird but wonderful recipe for a community-minded musician like Kai. He mentioned his passion for people and music and gratitude for being able to work closely with both. He seems to also have a passion for learning. During the pandemic that took the form of taking on music production and videos. His work with Silverback Colony and I Want More, which is a mesmerizing song about the rage of futility so many of us felt during the pandemic.

His range of work is impressive – in terms of genres alone. His generosity leaves an even stronger impression.

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