MN Music Video Local Video Premiere: All Because of You by Original (Official Video) Shaun Johnson + the Big Band Experience

Shaun Johnson + the Big Band Experience are releasing a new video (All Because of You) and a whole new album!

We spoke with Shaun about the album (Made for Her) earlier this week. His music (in this permutation) is big band crooner meet pop. It’s familiar but new, simple and authentic. Listening to his music, talking to him you think – well there’s someone I’d trust enough to sing in front of!

All Because of You is a love song to his wife. As he said, he’d tried many and this was one he could actually show her. And I’m sure many were good but that speaks to the reverence he has for his wife. The video simply shows his singing and them dancing. And the look in their eyes. It’s very sweet.

The lyrics really speak to the partnership of a lifelong relationship where lives are entwined. The sort of song where Shaun puts “himself into the lyrics.”

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