Evan Walton (Once More, Autumn) on Love is a Sea

Evan Walton is the brain behind Once More, Autumn and indie-folks musician celebrating his first album, Love is a Sea.

Love is a Sea is about loss and nostalgia and relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s not about a single loss but loss through the years of living. Evan tells us that Fragments is the most personal song on the album. It is cathartically painful to listen to this tender song. It feels like the moment we recognize our own culpability for our hard times; a personal reckoning. Scarlet on the other hand is an overtly passionate song with an amazingly pagan video. Evan wrestles with his internal and external demons.

Evan spoke about the album as an opportunity to collaborate with many local artists, such as Deana DiLanndro vocals (which she wrote) on Where It Stands. The contrast of their voices adds to the plaintive undercurrent of the song. He also mentioned Ro Lorenzen (who we know from Static Panic and the #MetooMpls album). Evan leans more folk; Ro leans more funk. Together they have created a layered sound that feels authentic and somehow more naked or maybe better than naked. I hear is especially in Father with that subtle electronic beat throughout.

The album is brave; Evan notes that there are songs on the album he thought would never be public. They are the songs that will reach the right people, the people who need to know that they are not alone is sadness or with mental health issues. And in the haze of pandemic still in the air, most of us are the right people to listen.

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