New MN Music video: Crunchy by Little Lizard

Little Lizard has just released a new video for Crunchy. Somehow the song is chill with a moment of tension and the video matches.

The music of Little Lizard is electronic with a pop that reminds me of being a kid in the 1970s. There’s a lot swirling around but it feels like everything is OK. The latest video was recorded live at The Terrarium Recording Studio in Minneapolis. The video is happy, like the music. There’s a shift of instruments from keyboard to trombone and that feels hectic – but in an exciting way. Otherwise it’s so easy going. In fact, I realize that it reminds me of watching The Electric Company, a high compliment.

It’s a little funk, little punk but it’s the kind of music you could be humming all day and humming it would set your mood about three notches higher than not humming it.

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