New MN Music Video: Fool by Mama Rose

Mama Rose has a new album coming out (Set The Clock Down) on November 19, 2021. Today we are pleased to share a sneak preview in video format with her Fool.

The simplicity of the instruments in Fool showcase Mama Rose’s soulful voice. Everything aside from her voice feels stripped down and intimate in a soul-searching way. The lyrics are also simple but powerful about testing a partner to make sure a relationship is foolproof. I wish I could pretend like I didn’t get it; but I do.

The video feels like that moment you realize you’ve been testing someone. You realize no one can pass every test. And you’re still not sure if you can quit testing. It’s a deep look at hard crossroads that seems straightforward when you see someone else in that position; feels less so in the first person. Mama Rose captures it with sensitive instruction.

Also I was delighted to see the name of the album Set the Clock because that fits into our musical theme for Oct 2 – Time. You can listen to our first radio show since COVID in real time on WMCN or check out the archive after the fact here.

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