Mostly MN Music back on air with Mike Michel (The Orange Goodness) and Theme – Time

It felt great to be back in the studio at WMCN 91.7fm today! Lots of things went wrong – we don’t care. Lots of things went right! First to be back in the studio again felt amazing – to simply enjoy sharing music that we love and music that we’re just learning about. Over our pandemic hiatus we have interviewed more than 150 artists for the Mostly MN Music podcast. Subsequently, we have a personal connection now to many of the bands we play. That’s super fun. Second we had an awesome guest.

Mike Michel from The Orange Goodness joined us. What an amazing guitar player! Watching him at close range was almost as good as hearing him. We talked about the band’s upcoming release, Flying Under the Radar of Chaos – to be released October 26. It’s cosmic pop rock. IT was fun to fun to see Mike perform a song live and then hear the (sneak peek!) of another songs from the album with the full band. As awesome as Mike is alone, their work together is so complete. We talked about collaboration and music scene in Minneapolis and the new album.

Also a huge thank you to Mike for being flexible and accommodating. Turns out only one of the mics in the studio was working. There was a lot of passing the mic and making room for techs trying to fix the issue and he just rolled with it. (Bum mic was one of the wrong things. Eventually we started sharing and the chit chat made more sense.)

Next week’s theme is (fall) colors – let us know if you have a recommendation. This week the theme was Time – because it’s been such a long time since we’ve had time together like this!

The playlist below is in reverse chronological order; Mike jumped in after Silverback Colony. (I know the chart will be hard to read, you can also listen to our aspirational playlist – usually longer than actual on Spotify.)

Gear Daddies Time Heals Billy’s Live Bait Polydor
Sick of Sarah Wasting Time Wasting Time – Single Adamant Records
David Huckfelt Land of Room Enough Time Enough Room Enough, Time Enough Fluff and Gravy
Silverback Colony 16 Days Silverbacked: Cover Songs, Vol. 1 Double Asterisk Group
Briefcase Morning Redux Escape Pod – EP Briefcase
Faith Boblett Long Ride Home Oil & Water Faith Boblett
Bob Mould Losing Time Patch the Sky Merge Records
Courtney Yasmineh Trying Times For Love Trying Times For Love – Single 3191047 Records DK
Humbird 48 Hours Pharmakon Green Thumb
Nur-D 8:46 38th Vinyl City Records
Tina and the B-Side Movement matter of time Salvation Sire Records Company
The Nunnery Night Dream Cloud We are the Stars The Nunnery
Rich Mattson and the Northstars Short Lived Skylights Sparta Sound
Corey Medina Long Time Coming Old Dog Cryin’ Corey Medina
Sela Runn For a Long Time For a Long Time Sela Runn
Annie Fitzgerald Goodbye Now You & Me & the Sun Annie Fitzgerald
Sarah Morris Hold Me Now (feat. Graham Bramblett) Between Here and There – EP AW Records
Katy Vernon Five O’Clock Before I Forget Katy Vernon
Mama Rose Fool Fool – Single Mama Rose


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