Maygen & the Birdwatcher release Moonshine to sold out crowd at the Icehouse

Last night we got to see Maygen & The Birdwatcher release Moonshine at the Icehouse; today we got to revel in their success with them.

Maygen Lacey and Noah Nueman, to borrow from one of their songs, are like puzzle pieces that fit together but aren’t the same. Noah brings the delta blues sound; Maygen beings the great North. But together the music is interesting – wide arrange of instruments, pacing of songs, moods and energy.

We enjoyed their live show with The Foxgloves. Love a woman forward lineup – love it even more sold out. The night had a family fun feel. Their start with Change Is was a striking and dramatic kind claim of our attention.

Maygen and Noah do such a wonderful job of detailing and lifting up those moments in a relationship where you get to know yourself and your partner. Those are moments where the humor of Maygen & the Birdwatcher are most appreciated. They bring a comfort and familiarity to honest, meaningful sometimes difficult moments in life.

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