Taylor Carik underground pre-release party for PARISHES

Last night I went to a unique event that was retro but very 2021, music-focused with talking encouraged, a release for an album that isn’t out yet – the most fun enigma! Taylor Carik revealed his latest musical endeavor – PARISHES. The party and the music were smooth and cool and a little different is a great way.

Taylor wears many hats. You may know him from Secrets of the City or Whiskey Rock n Roll Club MPLS. Last night he was PARISHES, a mostly-solo musical project born during the pandemic. The music is swampy and low. His voice sounds amazing. It’s danceable but also very chill worthy. There’s an atmospheric vibe that could set the right mood in any room. It certainly did last night.

The set up was a bar under popular art gallery. Very speakeasy feel. A small bar in the corner with Surly, canned water and root beer schnapps made by Taylor’s dad I think. It was perfect balance of sophisticated yet charming. There was a video set up and at a set time to listen to the new work and watch videos Taylor had created from stock footage. And then we all watched and the music was super engaging but we talked too. It was a party not a Mass. What a way to bring new music into the world!

And I say this was a mostly solo but he had some help from some local luminaries including Liz Draper (who plays with Charlie Parr and Low!) helping with additional producing, Dean Brewington (of Up Rock + St. Paul hip hop legends Abstract Pack) doing additional vocals, and Ben Miller (of the Federales and Chris Thile Live From Here band) bringing his vocal and harmonica prowess.

I had an opportunity to talk to Ben while listening, which is one of the really fun parts of a listening party! I got to hear about how Ben made the harmonica work. I don’t want to give away the game but let’s just say it’s part art and part science and that’s how he got the harmonic to fit the low vibe of the Taylor’s music.

So the excitement builds. With any luck we’ll see PARISHES on stage or on the record store shelves this spring. Word on the street is that it will be one of the first releases for the new Arkansas-Los Angeles imprint FIXIN, a new project promotion label of Clint Schaff, VP of Strategy for the LA Times.

And I think Taylor has hit upon an entertaining solution for our time. Intimate, yet room for distancing. Great music, yet space to chat.

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