St Anthony Mann on latest dreamy release LISSI

St Anthony Mann is the musical project founded by Adam Bjoraker. The latest album, LISSI has a solid backdrop of ambience overlaid with moods, music and poetry. There’s a feeling of renewal and growth in and around album, which was coproduced by JT Bates and includes a number local artists such as Pieta Brown and Mike Lewis.

Godsleep (featuring Pieta Brown) made the Song of the Day on the Current last Friday, which should be a great jumping out point for the whole album. The song starts out with an atmosphere and brings in so many sounds. Adam talked about this as a corner piece of the collaboration and about the excitement of seeing his work grow wings as he shared and worked with others.

Fun to hear about how Adam found music late (high school) but knew it was what he was meant to be doing. He went to school to play guitar and found poetry too. He wrestled with how to extend beyond the comfort of music to find room for the poetry. But his finger picking guitar and voice are well balanced with evocative lyrics. He songs are beautiful descriptions of items and moments of time pieced together like a dream. Or as Adam said, “they are not quite pinned down to the Earth.” That and the ambient feel leave room for each listener to become part of the collaboration of the song, bring their own ideas, history and current mindset to the table.

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