Quaery talks Until the Sun Stopped Glowing on Mostly MN Music

Fun to hear the stories behind the songs of Quaery’s upcoming EP, Until the Sun Stopped Glowing, which is releasing on January 7, 2022.

We got a chance to talk to Scott Christopher and Erik Schee, members of Quaery about their latest venture. They have been playing together for years, under the more folk umbrella of The Paper Days but at they told us their music interests have changed and opportunities born the pandemic reunited them and brought about the new songs.

They worked with Matt Patrick (The Library) on their EP saying they had the bones of some good folks songs and while they wanted to keep that ethos, they also wanted entirely new clothes on the bones. And they got three very different outfits that belong at the same party but each has it’s own personality. Thematically there are about relationships and the impact we have on one another. There’s a hint of sadness and romance in each story the dominant flavor is up to the listener, which makes for a very interesting experience. We got a little glimpse at the inspiration of the songs in the conversations. So interesting!

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