New MN Music Video: Settle Up Settle Down by The Orange Goodness

Two Minnesota art icons mash up like peanut butter and chocolate to bring us a super fun video for The Orange Goodness’s latest song Settle Up Settle Down filmed at the House of Balls in Minneapolis.

The song is upbeat and insanely optimistic for the times that we’re living. But that gets to the ethos of the band. It’s not that they are unaware of what’s happening in our world; they are just ready to tackle it with the joy of music. And what better place to celebrate that danger-be-damned feel than filming psychedelic funk at the iconic art (and music!) House of Balls. I love that place but the potential for scary is high – especially if you find yourself hanging on a little too long on one of their Beyond Wednesday concerts. But The Orange Goodness brings in only the phantasmagorical!

Also a nod to two amazing collaborative players in the music and arts community. The Orange Goodness has teamed with so many artists from different genres and the House of Balls has hosted some pretty outside-the-box shows in their time. They’re a natural combination.

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