Taylor Carik releasing PARISHES on Jan 28 – exotically unique and yet familiar

So much fun to help Taylor Carik unveil his latest musical endeavor – PARISHES. I got a sneak peek of the album last fall at a super fun pre-release party. Tonight we got to talk about the sultry dancehall bluesy album coming out on January 28, 2022.

Taylor talked about the “where of music” and the idea of having a place in mind of where people might listen to his music either where they might actually be or where they might go in their mind. Taylor has a few projects that he works on ( Secrets of the City or Whiskey Rock n Roll Club MPLS) and I think the “where” of PARISHES is a very different world. Taylor pained a picture of a secret bar inside the larger venue, maybe in the basement where it’s too hot for a jacket and too loud not to dance.

This album has a swampy feel born of collaboration with Ben Miller, Dean Brewington, Liz Draper and Kai Brewster as well as a lot of pretty fancy tech tools. They create some very unique sounds that are somehow couched in familiar vibes that have a comforting repetition. It’s an album made during a pandemic from a front seat to civil unrest of Minneapolis from the process to the music to the ethos.

Most of the songs bring a comfort and exotic flavor that takes the listener away from themselves for a bit. Thin Blurred Line is the exception and perhaps my favorite song on the album; it brings the driving guttural sounds of the album to backdrop news headlines from the week after George Floyd’s murder. The “where” of that song is right back to protests, the checking the alley for gas cans, the late night watching Unicorn Riots. It’s important to remember those days, lest we forget.

Also worth noting that this will be one of the first releases for the new imprint FIXIN, a new project promotion label of Clint Schaff.

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