Snow sculptures, ice sculptures – it’s gotta be the St Paul Winter Carnival

I love the St Paul Winter Carnival. The carnival started January 28 and goes until February 6. I’ve been watching the Medallion clues (where the hide a medallion for folks to find an win big money, up to $10,000) but still don’t have much of a clue where it is. I’m about to sign up for the one of the other (but less lucrative) scavenger hunts, which I enjoyed for the first time last year. They give really difficult clues to places around St Paul and them you have to get a picture of yourself by the answer.

Today I checked out the snow sculptures at the State Fair Campgrounds. It’s open 9am to 9pm. They have a number of big sculptures, a giant maze and a huge mound of snow, perfect for climbing and sledding.

Then I checked out the ice sculptures downtown St Paul. There’s an ice bar and seems like there’s a band playing most of the time. It’s a little surrealistic to hear someone playing White Snake while you walk around the cold and winter art. It is beautiful and a great reason to get out in the cold!

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