MN Music Video: Area of Space by Tragic Hands – show on Feb 4

Fun to share a new video from a new band with musicians you just might recognize; it’s Area of Space by Tragic Hands.

The music is loud and fast like I like it; reminds me of music I’ve loved since the 80s – that punk-post-punk stretch. The video is a fun look at how the musical sausage gets made. We see the performances, the prost production, the brainstorming and the behind the scenes that all of us non-musicians think is the glamor of the industry. It’s fun.

Band members include, Rich Horton (Marcus Noise, Rift Magazine) Laura Bennett (Red Pens) on drums and Darren Harff (American Paint, The Revamps) on guitar. Nice, huh?

They have a show coming up this Friday (Feb 4, 2022 with – The Tender Years, The Jaggernauts (Eau Claire), Tragic Hands. at Eagles 2507 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN.

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