MN Music Video: Black Is Golden by Wyn Starks

Love to see a Minneapolis artist climbing the steep stairs to stardom as Wyn Starks seems to be doing. Today we check out a video he released last November, Black Is Golden.

To be fair, Wyn Starks is Nashville-based now but you can’t discredit the impact of the Minneapolis sound! He sung his first solo in church here.

The video aesthetics is straight from Chicago 1978. (Something I can say for sure.) There’s a glimpse of roller rink disco, knee high tube socks, big lens sunglasses and old school home phone. With a nod to currently (and recurring) popularity of comic books … especially celebrating Black Is Golden.

The music taps back to disco, a nod to funk and a modern pacing. It’s the sort of song you could slow dance to with the right person or get down with the crowd.

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