Flavor World and Flavor Town Records take on t-shirts, videos and more!

We had a great conversation with Drew Kinkade about Flavor World, an emerging business based in St Paul that (among other things) highlights local bands in videos.

Flavor World started about four years ago, primary selling flavor-focused t-shirts, hoodies and other items. Now they have branched out into music with Flavor World Records. Staring about a year ago, they began working with local bands to create a 3-song video series called “Live from Flavor World.” They have released 16 videos so far. Each one is unique based on the ethos of the band and consultation with Drew and the team. They record live; Drew edits and promotes. They have a pretty amazing following on YouTube and those videos get watched.

Drew has an entrepreneurial spirit and one of his ambitions is to use Flavor Town Records to become a one-stop branding shop for bands. They are interested in creating merchandise, original art for album covers, videos and more. He clearly has a good sense of what works and a love of the local music scene. We’ll definitely be seeing more of them around the Cities!

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