New MN Music Video: Push & Pull by Jaedyn James

Push & Pull by Jaedyn James is layered song (and video). It has a great sound and a deeper meaning.

Jaedyn James puts the sexy in funk. She owns her look, she owns her sexiness, her voice is strong and dominant and her strength drives the music and the video, which she has “dedicated to domestic abuse survivors, those we’ve lost & those finding the strength to get out.” She uses her power to turnaround an old myth that women who celebrate their looks are somehow responsible for abuse and that is patently absurd.

The tension continues in the lyrics: Push and pull me/ Your kiss controls me/ I’m beggin just let me go. In a different era, sung by a difference singer, these lyrics would be passed off as a traditional love song where Jaedyn recognizes the unhealthiness of it and highlighting it in a way that will hopefully help others see it too. She presents an option to victims of domestic abuse to embrace their beauty to find their power to walk away, to say goodbye.

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