New MN Music: Nope performed by Cindy Lawson written by Lori Wray

Cindy Lawson has recorded Nope, a song written by Lori Wray. It is a touching tribute and fundraiser for Dissonance, an organization that examines the intersection of creativity and wellbeing to promote awareness and support for mental health, addiction, and compassion in the arts. You can access (and buy) it on Bandcamp.

The song has that garage punk sound of the 1980s. Brings me back to some early shows. Cindy’s steady clear voice make the song more powerful than sad. The ethos is both retro and very now. The lyrics are heartbreaking and yet bring up familiar feelings – at least for me and I think for many of us:

Sorry I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done
Worry Don’t worry about me I choose to be alone
I know I’m sensitive okay. Do you have to blame me? I was born this way.

It harkens back to the anti-conformity of beatnik generation leads right up to Lady Gaga’s “born this way.”

We are hoping to talk to Cindy Lawson soon about this song, her upcoming album and more. Cindy was front woman to The Clams in the 1980-90s and she’s back to the stage these days rocking it like she never left. She’s proof that contrary to the rumors, women only improve with age; we have more to say and we’ll get to the point. Cindy can do it with a gorgeous voice and a guitar in her hands. She’s used her talent to give voice to Lori Wray, another noted Minneapolis musician who dates back to 1908s punk era and sadly passed away a year ago.

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