Island of Discarded Women: Live and Recorded with Sue Scott

Many Minnesotans (and beyond) will know Sue Scott from her many years and many voices on A Prairie Home Companion. A growing number will know her from her podcast, The Island of Discarded Women, which highlights the voices and talents of women in a live show that also becomes a podcast. We had a chance to check it out tonight. I don’t want to give away any surprises before the podcast is published in a few weeks but I do want to give a flavor of the entertainment, information and heartstring-grabber that is the show.

The show tonight featured a number of amazing voices. Sue made a statement of every kind of kind people through a letter to Bill Penzey backed up by singer/songwriter Zippy Laske . Natalie Nowytski, a first generation Ukrainian American, sang original songs celebrating the history of her heritage. She sang three songs, including one about the babushkas of Chernobyl. The story is amazing (you’ll have to listen!) as is her voice and power of using looping to get the effect of several individual people. Spoken word artist Brittany Delaney tells beautifully, a heartbreaking story of generational trauma. Finally Cheryl Thomas, the founder and CEO of Global Rights for Women, spoke about her international work  ending violence against women and girls around the world through the tool of law. Especially as we work on passing the ERA in Minnesota, it was interesting to hear her approach of impacting norms through policy.

The show is heavy and inspiring. Again, you’re going to have to wait a while to hear today’s show – but good news, there are archived 21 podcasts you can listen to today!

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