Mary Bue on Aftermath and a benefit for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Mary Bue worked with her friend Laura Seitz on recording and releasing Aftermath, including a livestream event that debuted the song and served as a fundraiser for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. (They raised almost $1500!)

Aftermath is a song about life after a friend’s suicide – the guilt, the sadness, the what ifs. Laura wrote it from her own experience. It came to her in bits and pieces, which was surprising because while she is an author, Laura was not a song writer. So she brought the song to Mary and the final product is touching. As a trusted narrator, Mary sings a song that brings us to a dark place but for a purpose. Interesting to talk about how Mary brings her life experience and expertise in yoga and meditation to her music and especially to this song.

We also got a quick description of Mary’s upcoming single Bones and the Marrow, which is coming out on April 1. It is a look at stripping down to bare bones and marrow and a celebration of life through recognition of out mortality.

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