Kiss the Tiger rocks Stone Baby modern opera Wednesdays in March at the Icehouse

Kiss the Tiger is performing their original rock opera, Stone Baby, on Wednesdays in March at the Icehouse. You should get your ticket now.

The show tells the tale of a girl born of stone and made to rock, despite the fact that the rock will end her. We follow her childhood wrapped in protective bubble wrap until she finds a turntable, which leads to a successful drive to start a band.

The show is energetic. The music is pure rock. Fun to watch the band get into their roles. But the show belongs to lead singer, Meghan Kreidler. Meghan is a experienced actor. She always brings her flare to performance to the stage but this show is a unique opportunity to showcase her amazing voice, acting talent and her infectious passion on stage. She sings the whole time – the narration that drives the story and the songs punctuate it. The songs come from past albums – from Motel Room to Grown Ass Woman; it’s as if Meghan has been working this show out in her head all along.

First and foremost, the show is fun. But there’s also a tension in the stone baby’s drive to play music. She is born to rock but the music will be her ruin and she must decide to play is safe and feel dead inside or rock out and risk dying. A mythology with a lesson for us all.

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