Anthony Newes releases In the Dark of the Sea on April 8

Anthony Newes releases a new dream pop EP, In the Dark of the Sea, on April 8. It’s a great showcase of songwriting, collaboration and production.

Listening to the new EP feels like walking through an unknown house in a dream. Each song is unique onto itself with a new blending of genres and sounds, yet somehow each song melts into the next seamlessly. The vocals certainly weave continuity into the songs but there’s also that atmospheric otherworld quality. This is punctuated by the last song on the EP, which is a cover, Crying Game. Anthony’s version is so different, he has intentionally stripped the song of its inherent masculinity and gone with a falsetto voice and brighter sound. The mashup of familiar and new feels just like a dream.

Anthony has a long history of music in and outside of Minnesota from Pachyderm studio to Bones and Beeker. You can hear the cumulative knowledge in the depth of the songs and the quality of partners on the EP, which includes Chris Bierden (Polica), Ryan Young (Trampled By Turtles), Jeremy Ylvisaker (The Suburbs), and Ryan Mach (StoLyette).

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