The Supper Club Collective on Mostly MN Music

We were excited to talk to The Supper Club Collective about their upcoming release We’ve Got You Covered Vol 1 coming out April 25 with a super fun release show at the Aster on April 30.We knew it was going to be a big day – we didn’t know how big until our visit with several members of The Supper Club Collective was held up by a fire drill.

Yes, we really had a fire drill – or not even drill, it was an alarm, which thankfully was caused by a small fire in the dorms, which didn’t even require the fire department. Luckily, it was a warm day for hanging outside waiting for the all clear. Ah, the thrills of college radio.

The Supper Club Collective is a co-op of musicians, artists, podcast and radio hosts all working together to further their respective and joint projects. Today we were thrilled to have Ted Hajnasiewicz, Ryan Rud, Ben Cook-Feltz, Andriana Lehr (Mother Coyote) and Doyle Turner (all the way from Bemidji!) join us to talk about the album, which is Minnesota musicians covering other Minnesota musicians. Fun to hear about how each artist approached covering a colleague’s work. You want to be respectful and true but also to make it different. Even more fun to hear that each artist wanted that to happen to their song that got covered. The results are fabulous. It’s a great way for a Minnesota wave to lift of musicians!

Our theme for the day was direction; we had a ton of great requests and unfortunately between the fire drill and guests we didn’t get through as many as we might have liked. You can listen to the songs we planned to play on the Spotify playlist or check out the list we actually played below:

Artist Song Release
The Rockford Mules Heading East to Get West From Devil’s Spit to Angel Tears
The Geminize Wild Hearts
Mark Ross & the Three-Nineteen Drive Thru Drive Thru – Single
Matt Caflisch I’m in the City Now Runaway
Soul Asylum Sometime to Return Hang Time
Kaylee Kitzman Medium Medium – Single
Prince Uptown Dirty Mind
The Replacements Left of the Dial All for Nothing/Nothing for All
Fret Rattles Can’t Stop Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences
Rebel Queens Ride on Thru Remember Rock n Roll – EP

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