Ryder Seeler on Hang Up Your Phone documentary following Chris Castino’s Fresh Pickles

Ryder Seeler is the owner of Nice Mediaworks. He’s a director and producer and is releasing Hang Up Your Phone, a documentary, on May 11 for Sound Unseen on the making of Fresh Pickles by Chris Castino (of The Big Wu) redoing Big Wu songs with a bluegrass leaning with the Chicken Wire Empire.  (We had the opportunity to talk to Chris and see him play the album release earlier this year.)

Ryder and Chris have kids who are friends. They met, became friends and decided to work together. Ryder comes from a Bluegrass-loving family. Chris was heading out to turn out his well-loved jam band music into a new bluegrass adaptation in Crystal MN (at Neon Brown with Ryan Young) and Ryder decided to come along. That was the start.

The documentary captures the making of an album. It captures a snapshot of life during COVID. It captures intimate moments between band members. It deals with individuals dealing with life during a hard time. There are so many levels to appreciate in the film. It’s a great opportunity for Big Wu fans build a relationship with Chick Wire Empire like the have with Big Wu. (If you want to support the project, which has been a labor of love, consider donating to their Kickstarter.)

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