Tragic Hands on new band and new album – Pillow on the Sofa

Great to talk to all the members of Tragic Hands about their band, their new album (Pillow on the Sofa) and upcoming show at Hifi Hair on May 22, 2022.

It was a delight to speak with all three: Rich Horton (Marcus Noise, Rift Magazine), Laura Benett (Red Pens) on drums and Darren Harff (American Paint, The Revamps) on guitar. The are all Minnesota musicians of note who got together, almost unintentionally, and became a band. Rich had some songs going into it but they work very collaboratively.

They sound great together; it’s old school retro punk. It’s the fun we need after the last few years. Talking to them, it’s clear that they also work well together. They are all serious, they are at a point where they want to leave it all on the table if they are going to make the effort at all. To use lyrics from Lost Nineties – they “take the road, take the bet.”

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