Beneath Green release Soldiers Line the Streets on May 20 at KJ’s Hideaway

Beneath Green is a band born during the pandemic with a pop psychedelic feel punctuated by lots of horns! They have a new album coming out May 20 (Soldiers Line the Streets) with a show at KJ’s Hideaway.

We had a great time talking to Nathan Loesch (bass guitar, vocals) and Mason Meyers (saxophone), two out of seven members of the band. Their music has a very classic feel – jazzy to blues because of the horns but then rock from the team of others. Rumor has it they will be adding a string quarter to their cadre for the show at KJ’s Hideaway. We’re also looking for great production value with artists, videos, special limited-edition merchandise, spoken word artists; it’s going to feel like an old school happening.

It was interesting to learn about the deliberate path that Beneath Green has taken. Again, they formed in 2020, so started in studio (or on the phone), last summer (2021) they were able to get out and play live shows and this year, they are releasing an album and getting very purposeful about where they play and amping up the audience engagement. A measured trajectory.

Also want to mention Beneath Green’s other members include Bridger Fruth (lead guitar, vocals), Nathan Loesch (bass guitar, vocals), Alex Woods (keys), Quinn McCafferty (drums), Ryan Garmoe (trumpet), and Ben Gualtieri (trombone).

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