New Music Video: Your Only Pair of Shoes by The Tender Years

The Tender Years have released Your Only Pair of Shoes video; it is part of the new EP, After the Batteries Die, released last Friday (April 22) They will be playing with Briefcase and Petty Larcenists on May 20 at the White Squirrel in St Paul.

The music is poppy and pleasant, the voice is gorgeous. There’s a guitar solo that keeps the music moving. The video is literally moving as most of the video seems to be shot from a moving vehicle – planes, trains and automobiles. (Not in that order.) There’s a brief glimpse of people on the subway station – in masks, which immediately places the video in a snapshot of time.

The lyrics are interesting with the idea that if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, it’s OK to change them. The video mirrors the video that there are many ways to get where you are going. It’s a thoughtful song and thoughtful video!

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