Becky Kapell on newest release In It to Win It and show on May 21 at the Turf Club

Becky Kapell released In It to Win It on March 11. You may have already heard it the radio and now you can hear it in person on May 21 at the Turf Club; she’s playing with Turn Turn Turn and Faith Boblett.

This is Becky’s third album. Her voice has such range; she has refined a sound that can sound both retro and very modern. She captures, in voice and lyrics, several stages in a woman’s life and place of women in specific eras. Her songs are pragmatic and witty underpinning cutting heartbreak. As Becky said, “the songs are like boxes of emotions.”

It was fun to hear about how Becky got into music (age 42 when picked up her kid’s guitar) and how she got into music in Minnesota. A testament to her talent and tenacity as well as the power of the Minnesota music community.

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