Dissonance offers another tool to build healthy community with Dissonance Sessions starting with Charlie Parr on May 23

Dissonance is an arts organization, a mental health organization and a recovery support organization. We spoke with cofounder, Sarah Souder Johnson and board member Katy Vernon about the organization and their upcoming Dissonance Sessions starting May 23 with Charlie Parr.

Dissonance offers a wide range of services including different events, opportunities to share stories in person and online, resources that promote metal wellness and camaraderie. Their goal is to maintain community that supports and promotes healthy choices and understanding mental health and illness.

They have a number of events that are great but the newest is the Dissonance Sessions. They are part therapy session, part recording session, each episode takes a deep dive into the story of one artist, giving listeners the unique opportunity to get to know the person and music in more intimate ways. Sarah is the interviewer; it sounds like her expertise and experience as a therapist and artists put her in a unique position to really make it work.

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