MN Music Video: I’ll Walk with You by Rebecca Aadland

Pleased to share Rebecca Aadland’s video I’ll walk with You. The video is from Stronger Broken, her the first new album in 15 years released on June 13, 2022.

It is a love song. The album labor of love that she worked on with her late husband Brian Tillotson (who co-wrote one of the songs), this album has taken on new meaning with his sudden passing. The video starts with what I assume is live shot from their wedding and includes clips of the two of them together and Rebecca singing and playing guitar. It’s simple and touching.

It’s a somber song with almost a religious hue to the tune and certainly with the idea of “walking with you.” But it’s sweet and it stands as a reminder to cherish and appreciate the steps we get to take with our loved ones. I’m sure the song has taken a bittersweet tone that wasn’t there in the original writing, but it feels like a celebration, not a mourning.

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