Syvers to release new single Fired Up on June 24

Great to chat with The Syvers (Sarah and Jake Larson) before the release of their first single, Fired Up, on June 24, 2022 and the video premiere on July 20!

Syvers are an indie low-fi bands from Minneapolis. Their music feels like the synth of the 1970s with the ethos of the 1980s. They released their first album a few years and are getting back into it with a charming series of music video on their YouTube channel. Most are of them playing new versions of songs you’ll probably recognize and at least one full-family productive of Our House, which I loved.

Sarah and Jake are married as well as being musical partners. It was interesting to hear how they have learned to create art together and much of their upcoming music speaks to that journey or at least the journey of creating art. As A listener, their upcoming single (Fired Up) sounds like a quiet anthem. Not a song to bring into battle but a song to lift you up when you are at your lowest and need to get ready for the next step. It’s soothing, yet inspiring.

Their plan is to release a song a month for the next year. Looking for to them all!

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