speakeazie from Prohibition Hippie to Bootlegger Blood and shows on July 14 and 21

speakeazie is a prolific artist; she put out her first album (Prohibition Hippie) in January 2002, her latest EP (Bootlegger Blood) in May 2022 and is already (in June 2022) releasing new singles. She’ll be performing at The Alchemist on July 14 and 21.

speakeazie is a compelling artist who uses synth to dive into her feelings, which leads to music that sounds upbeat and danceable with lyrics that often go dark. It’s mirror of how we live, especially as women in the world, taking the hits while maintaining a happy façade. Her music is about relationships, balance and the role we each play in our relationships. Some songs come from a bleak place but by going there she taps into the bleak places we all can reside as individuals and as a society, including generational trauma.

Disintegrate, off her first album, tells a tough story and has more than 70,000 streams on Spotify because, while glimpsing the vulnerable, in the end, there’s a power to her music. There’s accountability, interdependence and growth. It is something we are all going through alone and together. And there’s all that noir under a dance beat that draws you in. Her music is an anomaly.

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